Fitness Center

The Fitness Center at Lake of the Woods is offers our members the opportunity to develop healthy fitness habits right here in their own neighborhood. It is a great place for your friends and family to get together, get moving and get fit! 

Home, Health, Happiness... Here at Lake of the Woods!

Only LOW Community members and their household family members, may join and use this year round  by completing and signing the LOWA Annual Fitness Center Waiver Agreement and Amenity Form for the current fiscal year (May 1 thru April 30), and paying the rolling annual FC amenity usage fee. A LOWA Photo ID is required for access via the barcode reader.

If you would like a tour through the Center, contact the Community Operations team at 540-972-9680.



Facility Hours:
5:00 AM-10:00 PM

Upon entry at the front gate, go straight through the intersection on Lake of the Woods Parkway, and park in the left most part of the Clubhouse’s upper parking lot area. The LOWA Fitness Center and its entrance door are located across from the basketball court.

Periodic safety and security checks are conducted by LOWA staff, but this is an unstaffed amenity. There is an emergency telephone to Security for members to report emergency and unsafe situations. For everyone's safety and proper use of the facility, there are rules and regulations posted at the Fitness Center that members agree to abide by when they join. 


Fitness Equipment & Virtual Tours

Eliptical Cross Trainers
Recumbent Bikes
Cable & Cylinder Weight Machines Dumbells & Free Weights
Excercise Benches
Various Barbells, Free Weights and Benches.