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I agree that I and my family members are healthy and able to use the courts on their own. I hold Lake of the Woods Association and any others associated with the LOWA Courts harmless in the event of an accident or injury.   

In the event of a medical emergency, staff from Lake of the Woods Association, LOWA Security, or Orange County Fire and Rescue stations is authorized to obtain treatment by qualified personnel and if circumstances warrant, allow transportation of the person to a hospital. It is understood that this authorization covers only those situations that are true emergencies and only when the Member or their family cannot be reached. It is further understood that the person whose signature appears below will be responsible for payment of medical care costs. It is also understood that a photocopy of this authorization will be as valid as the original. 

With my signature, I agree to follow LOWA rules and regulations regarding usage of the courts. I understand that I am responsible for the behavior of my family and guests at the courts. Guests must be accompanied by the Member or the Member’s family.
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