Member Login
All members and tenants will automatically be opted-in to the amenity-wide Loyalty Dollars program and will earn Loyalty Dollars by making purchases at any amenity (exclusions apply). 

Members are required to present their LOWA ID card at the time of purchase and points will be tracked using their own, unique, member number. Members will earn $0.05 per dollar spent at all amenities (Ex. $5 per $100 spent) and $0.025 per dollar spent on all Annual Amenity Memberships (Ex. $2.50 per $100 spent).  Loyalty points will earn Loyalty Dollars on the purchase of a gift certificate but will not earn them on purchases paid with a gift certificate.

Members can track their Loyalty Dollars online. Loyalty Dollars expire annually on the last day of April, when a property is sold or transferred, or when a member/tenant is no longer residing in the community. Loyalty Dollars will start to accumulate again on May 1. Loyalty Dollars are NOT transferrable.

Click here to download the Lake Currents Advertising Referral Card.
  • Loyalty Dollars can be earned at the following locations:
    • Clubhouse (Excluding Alcohol and Banquet Sales)
    • Fareways Café (Excluding Alcohol)
    • Pro Shop
    • Equestrian Center
    • Marina (Excluding Gas Sales)
    • Holcomb Building (Only Annual Amenity Memberships – Golf, Fitness and Pickleball/Tennis, and advertising referrals)
  • Loyalty Dollars can be redeemed at the following locations (Member ID Required for redemption):
    • Clubhouse (Excluding Alcohol and Banquet Sales)
    • Fareways Café (Excluding Alcohol)
    • Marina (Excluding Gas Sales)
    • Pro Shop
  • Loyalty Dollars cannot be redeemed for the following:
    • Golf Sweeps
    • Association Charges (Annual Assessments, LCC and ECC Charges, etc.)
    • Already discounted items
  • Advertising Referral Loyalty Dollar Restrictions
    • No self referrals
    • No referrals from members who share the same member number(s) as the advertiser.
    • No refunds on ads purchased with the referal program promotion.
    • Purchase of an ad required for the member to receive the loyalty dollars.
    • Offer valid only for new or returning advertisers (those who have purchased a display ad within the last 12 months)
    • Lake Currents reserves the right to verify that an advertiser has purchased a display ad within 12 months of the date of coupon redemption.
    • Member will be notified when an advertiser redeems a coupon with the members referral info.